Total solutions for dynamic threat environments. Land. Sea. Air

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Total solutions for dynamic threat environments. Land. Sea. Air

Arturius is a discreet, multi-disciplined company applying new thinking to counter dynamic security threats. We provide answers to problems faced by governments, oil and gas operators and commercial clients, enabling them to operate safely and securely.

We make it our business to understand and mitigate our clients’ risks and threats by designing and implementing security systems that are intelligent, proportionate, and scalable. We provide our clients with an Information Advantage, turning data into a security asset.

We deploy the latest smart technologies, built on artificial intelligence and advanced detection techniques, to secure critical assets and infrastructure. We aim to drive security and response efficiencies by removing doubt from the decision-making process.

We are involved and engaged throughout the lifespan of the project and beyond, delivering through-life support and ongoing training. We are an extension of our client’s team, providing a 360° approach to working with stakeholders.

Our global experience in security and defence across land, sea and air, coupled with our flexible and agile approach, give us a unique offering that holds the key to the successful outcome of any project.

We listen. We think. We plan. We act.

We are Arturius.

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  • Arturius designs, builds and sustains land-based security solutions for critical assets and infrastructure in low, medium and high-risk environments across the globe.

    We analyse the unique characteristics of each critical asset to devise discreet, comprehensive and future-proof systems that mitigate the dynamic threat environment.

    Our total security solutions deploy cutting edge technologies and integrate seamlessly with clients’ existing systems. Together we anticipate, identify and mitigate threats and secure your assets and your people.

  • We create innovative security solutions to manage the unique risks faced by maritime operations and ensure the safety of our clients’ people and assets.

    Our expert team of security specialists understands the full range of vulnerabilities of maritime infrastructure and tailor 360° solutions to the specific needs of each asset.

    We focus on the operational and strategic outcomes you aim to achieve. We assess your risk exposure and create flexible security solutions in support of your long-term objectives.

  • Posing threat from the air was once the preserve of state actors. But the security environment has evolved and threats have diversified and dispersed.

    We work with leading technology providers to integrate the very latest air detection systems to counter fluid threats to both commercial and government clients.

    We develop 360° security solutions ensuring clients can not only watch the skies but that their critical assets are protected from the skies.

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Security In Defence