Arturius 4PL System
Arturius International’s founding ethos centres around operational delivery and the cost-effective success of our customers’ projects.
4PL System Diagram

We work closely with our partners and third-party contractors, striving to improve all areas we influence. We see our role as an enabling one. We seek to remove logistical burdens, so our customers can concentrate on their specialist strengths.

In doing so, we aim to deliver new efficiencies and to improve the safety of all concerned on a continual basis.

That means protecting people, equipment and processes at all times with robust solutions that help ensure compliance is achieved. That means protecting the integrity and fluency of your operations at every turn.



The Old Decentralised Model
Upstream hydrocarbon operators, much like large concerns in other sectors, have tended to use a series of third parties to fulfil their various logistical requirements. But that is a burdensome endeavour.

Without the knowledge and experience of first-rate, professional logisticians, coordinating the efforts of so many partners can be the very definition of a ‘logistical nightmare’. Coherence and common understanding is tough to achieve. Safety can easily be compromised and waste is systemic.

The evolution of the unconventional energy sector in recent years has drawn the weaknesses of this traditional model into sharp focus. Industry growth has been accompanied by a marked increase in transport volumes, for example, flooding local areas with heavy supply vehicles and technical equipment. 

Yet well-planned and managed logistics can reduce total journeys, along with the risks associated with increased transport volumes, and ease public concerns over congestion and environmental integrity. It can also deliver significant cost savings.



Old 3PL system infographic
The 4PL Model
The Arturius 4th Party Logistics System (4PL) breaks the mould, assembling, coordinating and integrating third party capabilities on your behalf.

We centralise the management of all operational transport and logistics needs and put foresight, planning, transparency and contingency front and centre. Building on models developed and successfully implemented by US and UK military logisticians, Arturius International takes hydrocarbon logistical support into the 21st century.

Not only can advanced planning and greater sub-contractor coordination make a positive impact on transport issues. When applied to the entire supply and support network, it can transform your operational delivery. 

Taking a holistic approach, with a keen eye on long-term program sustainability, our 4PL professionals rationalise logistical considerations to ensure all personnel and material requirements are met in the most efficient way possible.

With joined-up thinking and a transparent overview of each project, significant improvements are made to overall efficiency and to the safety of people and the public. And operators only have one chest to poke.

The Arturius 4PL System removes the burden of dealing with multiple third parties and streamlines delivery. We do the support and logistics for you, leaving you to get on with what you do best.