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Total Security Solutions. World-leading Technology. Multi-disciplined. Discreet.

Dynamic Threat Environment

The 21st century security environment is fluid and dynamic. Threats change in both their nature and their character.

We cannot simply react. We must anticipate and prepare. In doing so, we require advanced systems with full spectrum capability.



Arturius is a multi-disciplined defence and security project integrator. We design and build high capability solutions. Self-sustaining. Proportionate. Scalable.

We are an international team of former British military and security services experts. We are the discreet partner of choice for government, industry and commercial clients across the globe.



Integrated land, sea and air solutions designed and engineered for performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. Tailored to exceed operational requirements throughout and beyond the project lifecycle.

Deploying leading edge, field-tested and type-approved equipment. The total solution. Logistics. Project management. Technology. Service. Support. Training.



We take a comprehensive approach. We analyse precise client needs and unique site characteristics. We understand the dynamics of risk. We anticipate challenges.

We tailor self-sustaining solutions. We partner with industry leading companies. We coordinate client stakeholders and provide agile, responsive support.



We work to understand your aims, concerns and all potential threats to your people and assets. We have a deep appreciation of the full spectrum of potential threats in a fluid security environment.

The depth and complexity of your needs drive our planning and delivery of the most effective solution. Our priority is to provide outcomes that help you reach your operational and strategic objectives.



Our solutions are forward-thinking, effective and proportionate to the risk. We partner only with the very cutting edge of technology providers.

We devote the same energy and attention to all project elements. We actively enhance our capabilities to mitigate the dynamic threat environment.

First rate experience. Field-tested knowhow. World-class solutions.



Our team has centuries of combined experience gained in the UK military and security services. We bring international expertise to deliver local solutions.

Our specialist insight gives us a deeper understanding of your precise needs. We work closely with you and all stakeholders through and beyond the project lifecycle.

We are innovative. We are trusted. We are committed.

We are Arturius.


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