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Deploying the correct cyber security solution is vital for any business. The cyber threat from criminals and hostile states continues to increase, with more frequent and complex attacks.

Despite greater awareness of the threats, cyber security in many organisations has not kept pace and critical infrastructure are ever more vulnerable to attack and to compromise.

Security in the digital domain is an integral part of the Arturius Neuro System. We work with world-leading technology partners to equip Neuro C2 with cyber security solutions for corporate networks.

Neuro Cyber is modelled on the human immune system, using cutting edge cyber security technologies to detect and combat emerging cyber threats autonomously.

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology has driven a fundamental shift in the way organisations are able to defend themselves in a new era of sophisticated and pervasive cyber threats.

Harnessing those technologies, Neuro Cyber learns the unique pattern of life for every device and user on a network and correlates those insights to spot emerging threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.

When integrated across the sensory and physical security infrastructure, this in-depth defence approach to cyber security insulates your organisation from the evolving threat environment.

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