Defence & Security

Defence & Security
With over 100 years of British Military and Security Services experience, we are expert innovators, integrating technology and expertise to provide total defence solutions across diverse vertical markets.

Arturius has a global capacity in control and security, cutting edge technologies, logistics and telecoms, providing full operational support and protecting critical national and industrial infrastructures.

Integrating technology with comprehensive logistical support, we develop and deliver risk mitigation strategies to complex military and civil defence projects at home and abroad.


  • Border Security & Surveillance
  • Critical Transport, Communications & Energy Infrastructure Security
  • Maritime Surveillance Technology
  • Risk Analysis
  • Managed UAV Surveillance
  • Training Needs Analysis & Delivery
  • Specialist Vehicle Design, Supply & Maintenance
  • Mobile & Static Operations Centres
  • Specialist Equipment Supply & Maintenance
  • Personnel & Asset Protection
  • Medical Infrastructure
  • Humanitarian Response


We work exclusively with world-leading partners to deploy advanced air, sea and land-based technologies that protect assets and save lives.



We understand threat environments and specialise in early stage planning to assist force projection and establish and sustain your presence in remote and inhospitable environments.

Our experienced team follows through with design, delivery, training, deployment, mentoring and ongoing maintenance and supply solutions.

Arturius shares and supports your strategic objectives, providing the essential support wrapper that underpins operational success.

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