Equipment Support

Arturius Equipment Support
The Arturius International team understands fully the central role well-maintained, functioning equipment plays in the smooth execution of your operations.

The effective management of spares and consumables is paramount in keeping your equipment working at its optimum rate. We appreciate all the activities that must go on in the background and the complex processes that need to be in place to underpin them.


  • In-field Maintenance
  • Deployable Workshops
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Deep Maintenance & Preservation Programming
  • Battery Maintenance & Conditioning
  • Spares & Consumables Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Design


We tailor a full support supply chain to your project requirements, giving you access to the facilities and engineers able to maintain your equipment in the field and at its home base.

Maximum efficiency is essential. Foresight and planning are its prerequisites.


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