Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Arturius Hydraulic Fracturing Operations
We have a deep appreciation of the large-scale consumption of materials and the creation of waste during hydraulic fracturing.

We understand the extent of the associated risks to the environment, local infrastructure and, above all, safety. However, we also know that pre-planned, integrated logistics, delivered by the Arturius 4PL System, plays a significant role in minimising the risks, the potential negative impacts and their associated costs.


Our cost-effective support wrapper services include:

  • Comprehensive Land-based Firm Base Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Equipment Support
  • Transport & Journey Management
  • HSE Management
  • Medical Services
  • Personnel Logistics
  • Communications
  • Training Services
  • Logistics Planning & Project Management
  • Life Support
  • Crew Management


Hydraulic fracturing presents a unique set of challenges. With a planned, rationalised approach to operational support, we will help you answer those questions in a cost-effective manner.