Neuro System

Neuro System
Neuro System

The Arturius Neuro System is a comprehensive, self-learning security solution inspired by neuroscience.

Governed by a central nerve centre or brain – known as Neuro C2 – it draws on state of the art artificial intelligence and machine learning to interpret ‘neurological’ inputs and speed the decision-making process.

Sensors, such as optical and thermal cameras and radar systems, feed signals into the brain, which in turn assesses the level of threat in each input and in their aggregate.

Using complex algorithms and behavioural analysis, Neuro C2 then discerns which tracks pose a clear and present danger, notifying commanders and operators.

360° situational awareness in real time, with human error removed from the equation, allows commanders to make rapid decisions on deploying the appropriate response.

Nuanced sensory inputs inform intelligent, proportionate outputs.

neuro system
Neuro System Elements
neuro system elements
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