Neuro C2

Neuro C2
neuro c2 brain
The total solution for dynamic threat enviroments. Land. Sea. Air
  • Neuro Monitor

    Neuro C2 sits at the heart of our integrated security solution. It monitors and analyses the situational minutiae to provide 360° situational awareness.


  • Neuro Detect

    The sensor suite combines cooperative BLUE FORCE tracking and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS–B) aircraft data and maritime AIS, enabling the Neuro C2 system to automatically detect, classify, identify and track all potential air and surface threats.

  • Neuro Decide

    Alarms are raised automatically, giving greater decision-making time to commanders and operators. The system can also be linked to non-lethal countermeasures, such as surface loudhailers and laser dazzlers activated via touch screen.


  • Neuro Respond

    With Neuro C2 accelerating the decision-making process, our clients have greater opportunity to deploy a full suite of countermeasures.


Neuro C2 Elements

Neuro C2 is the system’s brain. It is an intelligent, learning command and control solution, providing 360° situational awareness and enhanced physical security to client assets.

Integrated with sensors and detection software, it tracks and separates co-operative and non-co-operative tracks.

The system provides comprehensive monitoring and activity reporting, with all relevant information clearly displayed for operators.

Neuro C2’s architecture allows for full scalability. From a local tablet on a mobile post to a security room set-up and a central command room with multiple individual command stations.

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